Tips for epileptics and their near ones

Epilepsy is caused due to some damage to the brain, a brain tumor, brain tuberculosis, swelling of the brain nerves, high fever. Sometimes the reasons might remain unknown.

An epileptic seizure may cause the patient to become unaware of his surroundings and go into a hypnotic trance like state. In other cases there will be seizures of varying intensity.

If you are an epileptic, there are 5 important tips you must always remember.
1. If suffering from a severe type of epilepsy along with a mental illness; like depression, it is advisable not to get married.
2. If married never hide your illness from your spouse, friends or colleagues.
3. Never consume alcohol or drugs or any other substance known to cause hallucinations.
4. Avoid driving, swimming, climbing heights, working on an elevated place, working with and on heavy machinery and electric equipment.
5. Never give up hope in fulfilling your aspirations in life.

If you are the wife, friend or family member of an epileptic, here are 5 important tips for you to always keep in mind.
1. Never become confused or panicky during a seizure.
2. Never try to stop the convulsions and thrashing movements accompanying the seizure.
3. Take care that the epileptic does not hurt himself; loosen his clothes.
4, Never crowd around the epileptic patient; try to ensure that he get some fresh air to inhale.
5. the seizure is severe and lasts for more than 10 minutes call the doctor. If the epileptic is pregnant call an ambulance.

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