Importance of the Ajna Chakra

The Anja Chakra or the Third Eye Chakra is the stepping stone to ultimate liberation and merger of the self with the oversell. Hence it is one of the most important Chakras. It is located between the eyebrows. Most psychic and paranormal powers like ESP and intuition are attributed to the activitation of this Chakra; Tantriks in India and those aspiring to acquire such powers have since time immemorial been seeking to activate this Chakra to its fullest potential.

This Chakra; the sixth major one through which the Kundalini Shakti has to pass, is said to contain a feminine mystic entity known as the Hakini Shakti. This entity is said to possess 3 eyes, 4 arms and six faces which are white in color. The Anjya Chakra corresponds to the pineal gland known in Sanskrit as the “Rudra Granthi”.

Then there is a triangle in which resides the Beej Mantra Aum. This triangle is also said to trigger of flames and lightening; similar to that of the images one sees of the opening of the Third Eye of Shiva. These flames; symbolic of the potential of the energy emitting from this Chakra are said to reach the very end of the cosmos. Thus you can perceive the power, this Chakra is said to generate.

The Anja Chakra if activated gives one the concentration to concentrate upon the Sahasrara or the Crown Chakra; the ultimate Silence.

Meditation on this Chakra is said to be most fruitful when one forgets about ones existence and surroundings while concentrating upon the point between the eyebrows which houses the Anja Chakra. Again it is important not to go deeply into the symbols which are attached to this Chakra; as then one will by pass the real goal and start thinking about these symbols while meditating.

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