Mantra to open Crown Chakra

This is a Mantra to awaken the Sahasrara Chakra at the crown of the head. This is also called as the Crown Chakra; described as being of a brilliant shinning golden color. This Chakra is described as having a thousand spokes or petals and is often called as a thousand petaled lotus.

This is the last of the SEVEN CHAKRAS. The opening of this chakra leads to the ultimate union with the over self or the Ever-Existent.

Om supreme Shiva illuminate, illuminate, the Sahasrara summit on the head through the path of the Sushumna.I am that, that I am hamsa, Swaha ll

I have given the English translation of this Mantra .The Sadhak [one on Path to Enlightenment] prays to Shiva[Ever-Existent] to illuminate and enlighten him by moving the life energy from the Sushumna[the invisible Central Spinal Channel] to the Sahasrara and enable the union of the self with the over self. I am that, that I am hamsa means the union of Shiva and Shakti[the self with the over self].

Caution- This Mantra Yoga is only for the most advanced Sadhaks

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  1. plz give us the original version of this mantra


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