When will the World end

One of the most asked question is ‘When will the World end’. To really know the answer one has to first understand how and why the world will end. When you understand this then you will automatically come to your own conclusion as to when the world will end.

As per the ancient Hindu Cosmology we are at the present moment in the Destructive Stage of Kali Yuga.This Yuga or Age lasts for 432,000 years. This is the last stage after which there is regeneration and the Cycle of life starts afresh.

The origin of HINDU COSMOLOGY is commonly believed to be Divine. This cycle has been most often been misinterpreted and various erroneous deadlines have been set.

The Kali Yuga is now in its last and final stages; after which regeneration of the human race will commence; this will be the World Climax. After the world climax the world will no longer exist as it does at the present moment.

As per the dating of this much awaited event; like 21st December 2012; it will again be erroneous to set a specific date. As I have said earlier we are in the end stages and the regeneration process has already commenced. The end of the Kali Yuga has been triggered by a set of circumstances; a chain reaction which finally ends with mass destruction.

To really understand one has to first understand the laws of THE THREE FORCES OF GOD. These three forces which are present in each and every thing present in nature are the Creative, Protective and Destructive forces. These forces have since time immemorial been named by Hindus as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. However no one has in the true sense understood their real meaning.

The balance between Creation, Protection and Destruction has to be maintained at all times. Creation cannot exist without this balance. The various cycles of change are nothing but a result of the auto correction. For example when the Destructive Force is dominant, then the other two forces intervene and there is correction. This is the Primary Law of Nature.

Then there is the Law of Karma which is an off shoot of the Primary Law. Karma in simple terms means’ for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’ Karma triggers off a chain reaction.

Now what the Karma of Nuclear Weapons, Mass Indusrialisation, De-forestation, Mining, Oil exploration and other such activities which deplete the earth will be obvious. These are actions which are triggering of an equal and opposite reaction. These reactions in terms of climatic changes are showing clearly and are gaining momemtum.Next will the reactions to the Nuclear Weapons; the combination of both will be the world climax. The world will not end but be cease to be what it is today.

The world will not end by exploding and breaking into splinters. But it certainly is going to end for a overwhelming majority of it inhabitants very soon; nothing can change this certainty.

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  1. I am impressed by your knowledge and deliberation. But I still think that you are missing some very important fact.

    End of Kaliyuga - Kaliyuga is to go 432k ... right?
    and End of Mahabharta was start of Kaliyuga ... right (may be be start of Mahabharta).?

    But I don't find that period over 5k years. so we still left with 427k years of kaliyuga left.

    Now, about the mass disaster. - I hope these mass disasters are a stage very humanity takes turn. I am sure that you are right that earth will not end on 21 Dec 12 but yes the end of kaliyuga is also not very near. Though as you said the coming year might bring mass destruction and change in human life but Kaliyuga is still to survive another 427k years. It will take many civilization to come to and go. Some will be remembered and most will be forgotten. Out of the previous 3 Yuga's How much civilizations do we know...?

    So, I am sure that there will be mass disasters in coming years but yeah that would be marking start of some new civilization but start of SatYuga is still to be 427k year ahead.

    1. its only a western perspective that mahabharat hapnd 5000 years ago. according to hindu texts it hapnd mch earlier.


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