Auspicious Omens for journey

Hindu scriptures have given some auspicious Omens if you are embarking upon a journey.

If see or come face to face with any what I gave given below then it is considered as an auspicious omen and you will get good and beneficial results from the journey.

Auspicious Omens
Peacock, mongoose, horse, cow, white colored bull, goat, Bharadwaj pakshi Greater [Coucal or Crow Pheasant], flag, spear, eyeliner[anjan], mustard seeds, flesh or meat, honey, curds, milk,fruits, food, clarified butter, jewels, angels. throne, more than 10 brahmins, palkhi, lotus, primary woman of the family, songs, prostitute or a dead body.

Note – Article written for educational purposes only and not to promote superstition.

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