About the manifestation of Kalki Avatar

The manifestation of Kalki Avatar is becoming more and more relevant and inevitable as the years roll by. It’s nearly 3 years since I first wrote about the Prophecies of Kalki Avatar. At least in India there has been a sea change, as now more and more people are becoming aware of the real magnitude of corruption in India; it has mutated into looting and thuggery.

The next logical step in the current sequence of events in India is a total disintegration and collapse of the system of governance. There have been two manifestations of the people’s desire for change; Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. The corrupt system has closed ranks to oppose and frustrate those who seek good governance and the eradication of corruption.

From the mail and feedback which I get, a whole lot of people in India now seek divine intervention. They pray for the 10th and final Avatar of Vishnu; the Kalki Avatar to manifest.

As regards the question - When will Kalki Avatar Manifest ? First one has to understand that Kalki Avatar cannot be restricted to India alone. Kalki Avatar will be a global ruler and heralder of change.

NOSTRADAMUS ON KALKI AVATAR and NOSTRADAMUS CHYREN IS KALKI AVATAR both clearly point to the significance of this global ruler and the change which he triggers off in the evolution of mankind. The change is gathering momentum as the days pass by; the ultimate manifestation of Kalki Avatar is the crescendo.

By change I do not only mean the recent changes in Egypt or Libya; but all over the world. To western intellectuals I must point out that it’s not only the “others” who seek change; the call for change is also growing in their own backyards. The Wall Street Protests and the England riots are an eye-opener.

The change which most seek is eradication of the concentration of wealth, resources and power in the hands of a few. I had also interpreted a Quatrain from the prophecies of Nostradamus which describes the New World Order being Destroyed.

I have no doubt in my mind the pace for global change will start gaining momentum. This will be a Universal desire from the bottom of a vast majority of humans and this is when the Kalki Avatar will finally manifest.

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