When will Kalki Avatar Manifest

This verse from Bhagavad-Gita (Chapter IV-7) is probably one of the most important verses in the Hindu religion, regarding the manifestation of Vishnu in his 10 Avatars on earth.
"Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya
Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha,
Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya
Tadatmanam Srijami Aham'.
"Whenever there is decay
of righteousness O! Bharatha
And a rise of unrighteousness
then I manifest Myself!''

The real meaning and importance of this verse has not been understood in the real sense. Timings and conditions have been set mechanically for the fulfillment of this verse as the world now awaits the 10th and final Avatar of Vishnu KALKI AVATAR based wrongly on astrology and cosmology.

The question, which is on the lips of everyone, is when Kalki Avatar will manifest on earth to fulfill this prophecy from the Bhagavad-Gita, which has to be fulfilled. This prophecy has also been predicated by other prophets over a period of time including Nostradamus.

Manifestation of Kalki Avatar 3D Image
Manifestation of Kalki Avatar
This prophecy is going to be fulfilled when a majority of the people feels from the bottom of their heart that “there is decay of righteousness and a rise of unrighteousness”. The prayers, wishes and hopes of the majority will then tune in to the Universal Cosmic Mind the mind of Vishnu, and conditions will be created for the manifestation of Vishnu on earth.

Our sub-conscious mind is like an abyss, hidden, fathomless and mysterious, yet it is more important than the working mind. Please keep in mind that it is not the conscious mind that activates and controls us but the sub-conscious mind. All our senses and bodily organs are in fact an extension of this sub-conscious mind. The deepest wishes and aspirations of every person sink into the Sub-Conscious mind and this Sub-Conscious mind tunes in with the Universal Cosmic mind.

जैसी प्रजा वैसे राजा or the king is just like his subjects is a popular saying, you get what you deserve. When the balance tilts in favor of those fed up with the “decay of righteousness and a rise of unrighteousness’ there is bound to be strife and when a vast majority of people are against this decay then drastic changes more often than not bloody will take place.

The 10th and final Avatar of Vishnu Kalki Avatar will be created by the Universal Cosmic Mind of Vishnu from the hopes and aspirations of the collective sub-conscious minds of the oppressed people. This Avatar will be all-powerful and superhuman just as dreamt by the oppressed majority.

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  1. hi admisnistrator,

    plz check my website http://www.creatoranddestroyer.tk
    i m not kalki avtaar i m the one for whom nostradamus and book of revelation predicted.

  2. The sentence is " Yatha Raaja Tatha Praja" . Jaisa Raja hoga vaise hi praja hogi.

    1. Yes you are right, I have given the essence in simple language.

  3. He will be coming soon now getting ready with all his family - etc.

  4. MANIEFEST IN ASHADA MASA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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