"Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya
Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha,
Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya
Tadatmanam Srijami Aham'.
Bhagavad Gita (Chapter IV-7)
"Whenever there is decay
of righteousness O! Bharatha
And a rise of unrighteousness
then I manifest Myself!''

This verse from the Bhagwat Geeta describes the circumstances in which the tenth Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu will manifest on the earth. Of the ten avatars nine have already manifested, mankind now awaits the manifestation of the tenth and final Avatar Kalki Avatar in this Kali Yuga, this Avatar has been forecast thousands of years back as the Avatar who will destroy evil and usher in the golden age for mankind.

Kalki Avatar Artistic text work
Kalki Avatar Art
Kalki, the 10th and last Avatar of Vishnu
Kalki Avatar

MATSYA AVATAR-The first Avatar was that of a fish, which was taken by Bhagwan Vishnu in the Satya Yuga when a massive flood submerged the earth, god took this Avatar and rescued the sacred texts of the Vedas, which saved the planet from destruction.

KURMA AVATAR-By this Avatar, which means Tortoise god, manifested again in the Satya Yuga to give support to the earth on his back and to help the Devas obtain the nectar of immortality from the Demons who wanted to take it away.

VARAHA AVATAR-This avatar was taken by god in the form of a Boar in the Satya Yuga to rescue the earth when the earth sank in the bottomless ocean, god in the form of a Boar descended to the bottom of the ocean and lifted the earth on his tusks back into her rightful orbit.

NARSHIMA AVATAR- God took this avatar in the Satya Yuga in the form of half man and half lion to destroy the demon king Hiranyakashyap and rescue the son of the demon king Pralhad who was a devotee of god.

VAMANA AVATAR-This avatar was taken by god in the Treta Yuga in the form of a dwarf Brahmin to subdue the king of the demons Bali and remove his control over the three worlds.

PARSHURAMA AVATAR-This Avatar was taken by god in the Treya Yuga in the form of a Brahman named Parshuram who would destroy the Khyastraya or warriors who had established a despotic rule over the. In this avatar the lord destroyed the with an axe.

RAMA AVATAR-In the Treta Yuga god took this Avatar to destroy the demon king Ravana, and establish righteous rule over the earth.

KRISHNA AVATAR-God took this avatar in the Dwapar Yuga and recited the Bhagwat Geeta to Arjuna.God also helped the Pandavas defeat the kuravas and establish righteous rule over the earth.

BUDDHA AVATAR-This Avatar appeared in the Kali Yuga to teach mankind how to achieve enlightenment and become one with god.

These are the nine Avatars, which have already manifested mankind now awaits the tenth and final Avatar of Vishnu who will manifest sitting on a white horse and holding a shinning sword in his hand. This avatar will destroy all the evil, which prevails in this Kali Yuga.

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  1. Dear Reader,

    In fulfilment of all the sacred-scriptures of all religions, the Lord God Almighty has come down to earth in his humble human form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana, or Allah, or Christ Jesus (The Son Of David/The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah). For more information please visit: www.laharikrishnaconsciousness.org

    Please sincerely examine this message of Eternal Life and ask the Creator to reveal to you this great truth about his final appearance on Earth. God Bless You.

  2. Dear Sir,
    The Ninth Avatar is not Buddha. It is the Lord Jesus Christ. The prophecies regarding him are:
    He must be AJA-PUTRA
    'Aja' means 'Unborn'. 'Puthra' means 'Son'.
    Jesus was the Son of God in human form. He called his own 'Unseen Aspect' as 'Father'. Therefore he was the Son of the Unseen Spirit.
    Buddha means "Enlightened One"
    It is not a name. The name of the person who is wrongly designated as the Ninth Avatar is Siddhartha.
    Moreover he was not the Son of the Unborn. He was born in Kapilavastu. The Ninth Avatar, Buddha (Enlightened One) must be born in "Bhoo Madhya Bhagam". This is Palestine. So Buddha cannot be the Ninth Avatar of Lord Narayana. The Tenth Avatar is not an Avatar. He is Lord Narayana Himself. He has to appear on the outskirts of River Tamiraparani in South India according to Kalki Puranam. This has also happened. Meditate on Lord Narayana and find out this truth. When you are fully convinced and totally benefitted be concerned about others.
    Yours in Lord Narayana's Loving Service,

  3. plesse see agni purana chapter 16

  4. Dear Sir,
    I read you comments on Kalki Maha Avatar.
    Many references to Kalki Maha Avatar are symbolic. Unless you are blessed by God to understand the symbols you will never be able to pin-point Kalki Maha Avatar. Regarding the place where he appears we have the reference that it will be on the outskirts of River Tamiraparanee. One one person has fulfilled this prophecy. Many people take "Shambala Gramam" and leave out Tamiraparanee River. This Graamam must be on the outskirts of River Tamiraparanee.
    As the Earth has tilted 231/2 degrees from its original position the astrology of the Puranas will have changed drastically and we must make allowance for it. With the modern computers we can compute the correct timing if one with such knowledge will write a program for it. Starting from Mesham is also wrong. It must start from Virgo and end in Lion. The Sphinx in Egypt gives us this secret. Waiting for you comments.
    Yours truly,

  5. Dear Shri.Chandraskekar,
    I would appreciate if you would be kind enough to furnish me with details on the one person who you say has fulfilled the prophecy my readers would greatly appreicate it.

  6. Neither jesus nor mohammad can be the Bhagwan Kalki as both were flesh eater....how can Bhagwan be cruel to his own creature.

  7. Dear Reader,
    (1) Jesus is the Ninth Avatar of Lord Narayana. He is not the 10th Maha-Avatar which is Lord Narayana Himself. As Jesus was born in Mleccha Vamsa He was not a vegetarian. God had to empathise with the people to bring them to a higher level. Veda Vyasa tells that Lord Narayana was born in Mleccha Vamsa as Lord Jesus in Bhavishya Maha Purana. Do we dare contradict the sayings of the one who compiled the Vedas? If Bhavishya Maha Puranam is false then we should throw away all the other Vedas of Hinduism as the concoction of a fraudulent person. Thus your statement makes the 'Prasthanathrayam' - the foundation of Hinduism - void of truth. This can never be.
    (2) Prophet Mohammad was a man. He is neither Jesus nor Kalki Maha Avatar.
    (3) Kalki-Maha-Avatar who has appeared on the outskirts of the River Tamirabharani is not a flesh eater. He is a pure vegetarian. In his earthly abode "Manujothi Ashram" strict vegetarian food alone is served to all the inmates and visitors.
    Yours in Lord Narayana's Service,

  8. One has to understand Brahman is everything and that is the universal truth. Nothing else is true. Infact all living things and non-living has godly attributes and all the godly attributes put together is brahman. Well lets meditation on him and see brahman in everything and love everything. One who follows this is the true brahman as per the vedic knowledge compiles several centuries back...

  9. Dear Meenakshi,
    I think you must belong to the "Adwaitic" school of thought. There are many Vedic Scholars who don't believe in Adwaita. Please give your mind to "Dwaitha" propounded by Madhwa. Your understanding of Brahman would change drastically. Then you would find that you understand the article on 'Kalki Avatar'.
    Yours truly,

  10. I did enjoy this blog...:P seriously nice one...Chandru...keep it up...


  11. Kalki AVATAR in Russia!13.07.1969. yin yang.white&black god in Russia.

  12. dear friends,
    reading all vedas and other books will give a knowledge but this is right when you fill it.
    you all talk about god's avatar but you all may be don't know that god is within you. soul universal energy. like all said god has god was, god is, god will. same the base of everything on this whole universe is energy.
    so don't think about all avatars and keep meditating.
    this will bring you real peace. and then you will get answers of all your question.
    Then you don't have to put your hope on others that they will tell your answers.

    1. the anti christ is here on earth but in secret to be sure no harm comes to him until he shows his self and he is no leader yet he was devastaded at a young age and hates people with a passion the time is near december 2012

  13. Vishnu is the holyspirit "Spirit of time and space" the one who is Omnipresent

  14. Kalki Avtar has finally taken place to re-establish Dharma. And yes, it is taking place in this sacred country Bharat only. See the evidences below.


  15. The final avatar is definitely Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

  16. I am Not going alone,
    I'll take all with me;
    Up or DoWn !!
    Depends on how you wanted to be;

    Evil'l be BurNed,
    Bad'll Die,
    Selfish'll SuFfer,
    OuTsPokEn wiLL cRy;

    It's All YOU,
    IT's ALL ME,
    I am All oF YoU,
    You're a part of me;

    You tHink YoU rUining mY Way,
    I'll Ruin You, A Moment YoU StAy !!!!!!!

  17. As per my beleif 10 avatar / stages of god / nature.

    1 matsya avatar - fish - as per earth formation theory there were only water in early stage. Supreme god / nature create small one cell species like amiba and fish.

    2. Kurm avatar - tortoise - After years and years passed water of earth vapors due to sun, and some part of earth become muddy soil. Then god / nature creats animal like tortoise who can live in the water as well as in mud soil.

    3. Varah avatar - pig, - After many years passed mud become tough soil. Nature creats animal like pig who can survive in mud and soil. Same time nature also develop plantation like trees, grass. It helps to develop wild life on earth. Lions, tigets, monkey, chimpasees and other four leg animals

    Narsingh avatar - half wild n half man.- as wildlife developed on the earth. Here Darvins theory is also indicates same thing. Some species using their physical ability and brain to kill other animal to fulfill their day to day needs.

    Vaman avatar - Vaman also called Batu Vaman, means small hight man. This stage indicates that man is physically complete with having brain but not so strong enough by power.

    Parashuram avatar - A Strong man. - this stage indicates that nature develop man as complete man with having brain and strong power. Who destruct evil and creates, invents new things for human life.

    Shreeram Avatar. - this avatar is called as Purushottam avatar as well, it means man having brain and power with good values and ethics. This stage indicates that man become social and family oriented. Lives together with family. Who cares and protect their family.

    Krishna Avatar - krishna means black. This stage indicates that as days passed man become self oriented - swarthee, who can use his brain to steel, cheat others and its own near ones and dear ones ad well. Exact opposite of ram avatar.

    Buddha Avatar - budhi means knowledge, this stage indicates that man become selfish, cruel, corrupt, so god send some scholors n prophet like gautam buddha, jesus to teach them.

    Kalki Avatar - kalki means destroyer. God send buddha to teach people peace and kindness. God send shree ran to teach people about family values. God send krishna to teach people how to live on the earth but all in vain. This stage indicates that how people destroy themselves to fight each other. Religion, country, black vs white, north vs south.

    1. Extremely interesting theory on the Dash Avatar of Vishnu. Much like Darwin theory of Evolution and Survival of the fittest, the next stage of evolution commences when the previous one outlives it real purpose.
      We certainly are in the age of the Kalki Avatar, hope to see this Divine Hindu Prophecy materialize in the near future.

  18. In an avatar there is maracles etc Budda is not a avatar the ninth avatar is to take place in south of India in ashada masa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. Whatever happened to Balarama who is also considered to be an avatar of Vishnu?

  21. Gayathri mantra of Kalki removes tragedies and disasters depicted for Kali Yuga.Best Time to Chant,Ekadasi thithi and Saturdays.
    To get more details about mantras, bhajans, chants and pujas, download mangaldeep app and get all benefits, http://goo.gl/bQBnUe

  22. More than 4.2 lakh years are remaining for SHRIKALKI AVATARA to arrive


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