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Century 6 of the Centuries of Nostradamus is crucial as far as the Nehru/Gandhi family and India is concerned. The astonishing description of INDIRA AND RAJIV GANDHI ,and their assassinations is a clear pointer to the accuracy of these Prophecies.

These two Quatrains again like those on Indira and Rajiv Gandhi do not contain any European Landmarks, pointers, and names. The pointers to the Identity of The identity of Kalki Avatar and ‘Chyren’ are described in this Century as also other predictions regarding the coming events in India. As all these Quatrains are in close proximity, I have no doubt in my mind that they are related. One has to look at the whole picture to put the pieces of the Jigsaw in place. Let us have a look at these two Quatrains

Century 6 -29
La vefue saincte entendant les nouuelles,
De ses rameaux mis en perplex & trouble,
Qui sera duict appaiser les querelles,
Par son pourchas des razes fera comble.
Century 5-29
The godlike [saintly] widow hearing the news, Of her son placed in perplexity and trouble: He, who will be instructed to appease the quarrels, He will pile them up by his pursuit of the shaven heads.

Nostradamus True Flame 3D Flame
Nostradamus True Flame
Sonia Gandhi ever since the assassination of her husband Rajiv Gandhi has been portrayed by the Media and her supporters as some kind of saintly person. One has never encountered anything adverse written about her in the Indian Media. At the current moment of time, it is her son Rahul Gandhi who is the proxy ruler of India. He is the one going after the Hindu organizations who have been linked to bomb blasts in some Indian cities. These organizations are being linked by the supporters of Rahul Gandhi to the R.S.S. [Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh] and the links of the R.S.S.with the main opposition party the B.J.P [Bharatiya Janata Party] are well known.

This fight is likely to go out of hand and some well-known and powerful opposition leaders are likely to be implicated. The ‘shaven heads’ is a description of the R.S.S. a party dominated by the Brahmin community. Brahmin's are normally been depicted with half their heads shaven. This fight is likely to go out of hand and become a fight for survival, all sorts of methods and force is likely to be used The R.S.S. is likely to strike back and there is bound to be a lot of chaos and uncertainty.

Century 6-19
La vray flamme engloutira la dame,
Que voudra mettre les innocens à feu,
Pres de l'assaut l'exercite s'enflamme,
Quand dans Seuille monstre en bœuf sera veu.
The great flame will devour the lady Who will want to put the Innocent Ones to the fire: Before the assault the army is inflamed, When in Seville a monster in beef will be seen.

This Quatrain is in my opinion the aftermath of the bloody battle for supremacy between the Gandhi’s and the B.J.P.,R.S.S combine. Sonia Gandhi who is in power is likely to use force to subdue the opposition. A lot of persons some of whom innocent are likely to be implicated. This Quatrain is strongly suggestive of intervention by the Indian Army. The Quatrain is also suggestive of the fact that Sonia Gandhi will be totally defeated.

A serving Lieutenant Colonel of the Military Intelligence Shrikant Purohit has already been implicated in the bomb blasts and there is probably more to come, the Gandhi’s are not disclosing the whole facts, which they might probably do in the near future.

‘When in Seville a monster in beef will be seen’ is a dating of the climax of these events. The famous Seville fair commences just after Easter. Monster in Beef is likely to be a giant Bull on display. as this fair started out as livestock fair.

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  1. Sir,

    I have couple of points to mention.

    Firstly I am an avid follower of the predictions and also your blog as well.I really appreciate the amount of work you put in for the information to be passed on.

    Coming to this particular prediction, I have two questions to put forth.

    I wonder if these quatrains can be related to Indira Gandhi as well

    Secondly, are the events related to Sonia Gandhi are somehow related to an event in Seville?

    1. The flame part of the prophecy is what interested me.
      The second Seville part could be an indication of certain events taking place in that part of the world, probably an indication of the timing of the prophecy.


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