Did Nostradamus predict Japan radiation crisis

This is a Quatrain from the Prophecies of Nostradamus which had been previously interpreted as the volcanic ask flowing out of the foundation of the earth. This Quatrain could also refer to a nuclear disaster of massive magnitude. This does not look like a nuclear explosion, resulting from a war, but a radiation leak.

At the time of writing this Japan has raised the warning level of the Fukushima nuclear power plant to the highest level of 7.This crises which is the aftermath of the Japan Earthquake has not been controlled, and is steadily rising. If nor controlled it could lead to a serious crises.

Century 1 - 21
The rock holds in its depths white clay,
which will come out milk-white from a cleft,
Needlessly troubled people will not dare touch it,
unaware that the foundation of the earth is of clay.

This Nostradamus Quatrain is descriptive of the Radioactive material leaking from the Reactor. This is one of the Quatrains which lead to the impending World Climax .A good sign is that loss of life and destruction is not indicated in this Quatrain. I hope that this is a warning, and nothing more

Century 1 - 21.
Profonde argille blanche nourrir rocher
Qui d'vn abysme y stra lacticineuse :
En vain troubles ne l'oseront toucher,
Ignorans estre au fond terre arguilleuse.


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