How will NWO affect India?

NWO stands for New World Order, and is a conspiracy about the most powerful people in the world, who are pulling the strings behind the curtain.

The New World Order 2012 is coming, but how will this affect countries and especially India?

India is a very important country, mainly because of the export that this country is doing. Many western countries receive fashionable clothes and design lines from this country, because salaries are very low in India. In a New World Order, the country India would be very important. If you have control over India, then you can influence many parts of the world.

China and India are currently competing, but to be honest; both countries have more power than most of the western countries. If powerful people are trying to take over the world, they would start with the important countries like India. If they try, then we will most likely see changes in the government and huge changes in the society. These powerful people would place their own men in the government.

So keep your eyes on the government and the society, if everything starts to change way to quickly in a unfortunate direction, then you know that the NWO 2012 is right in front of you. Such changes may even result in a war in India, most likely a civil war. Always remember that a government should be servants to the people, and the people should never be servants to the government. The people behind the new world order want to be served by the masses, and that is what you should be aware of.

We can only wait and see how this develops, so keep your eyes and ears on full alertness, so we can prepare for a coming(maybe) new world order.


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