The real purpose of Kalki Avatar

While humanity awaits the arrival of the 10th and last Avatar of Vishnu the KALKI AVATAR , various reasons are being given for the real purpose of his manifestation on earth. One of the prime reasons of course is the decay of morality and the dominance of the forces of darkness at the present moment.

The other most important reason is that the balance amongst THE THREE FORCES OF GOD has tilted alarming in favor of the Destructive forces. As I have said earlier that each and every aspect of the Universe, material or immaterial is controlled by these three forces, which are present even in the tiniest of substances. The three forces – Creative, Protective and Destructive, which the Hindu’s call Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh have become alarmingly imbalanced and are in a state of correction.

The recent exposures of the scams, more scams and bigger scams in Governance in India are just a minor part of the correction process. Just as when a Dam is full, the gates have to be opened for the water to flow out, if you don’t then the water will start overflowing from the top and the Dam will burst. The same way corruption and looting have reached a stage where it is impossible to be kept under wraps, it has to come out.

The EMERGENCE OF KALKI AVATAR will coincide with these and even far bigger destructive events. However, one must not confuse the Kalki Avatar as just any other mass leader or even an authoritarian ruler. Such rulers are a certainty for India in the very near future, it is unavoidable and the totally decayed present form of Governance will have to give way to another form.

But one must not confuse the arrival of such leaders with the arrival of Kalki Avatar. The Kalki Avatar even though he is stated to manifest in India, will not be just restricted to India and Indian politics. His role is on a Global scale. This is one such Quatrain prophesied by NOSTRADAMUS ON CHYREN, which I find a most appropriate description of the Kalki Avatar. The Quatrain says it all so I don’t find the need to interpret it in totality. Plus Ulra means the highest state, achievement, or nothing beyond.

Au chef du monde le grand Chyren fera,
Plus ovltre apres aymé, craint, redouté,
Son bruit & los les cieux fur paffera,
Et du feul titre Victeur, fort contenté
The great Chyren will be Chief of the world,
Plus Ultra behind, loved, feared, dreaded,
His fame and praise will go beyond the heavens,
And he will he be more satisfied with the title of Victor.

The real purpose of the Kalki Avatar will be awakening. Humanity at this given point of time does not have a sense of purpose. The sleazy politician and pimp who goes by the name of media person and other self styled smart guys think they know it all. The Kalki Avatar will use force when necessary to facilitate the awakening. The Kalki Avatar will have such immense spiritual power, which will make even the most powerful of nuclear weapons impotent before him.

The real purpose of this awakening will be to trigger a change in the evolution of mankind. These triggers happen only when evolution comes to a standstill because evolution has to move forward always, it can never stop.


  1. Jai shree Kalki...jai maa vaishno... Kalki puran says Lord kalki will be a asur and take part in dev asur sangram...just like earlier devasur sangram for amrit...asurs will win as lord Kalki is on their side...asurs will be worshiped just like devs for next coming yugas...satyuga,dwapar,treta...will also take part in third world war to be fought between USA/Britain and East (India and allies)...puran also says Kalki will appear in year 2012...


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