What the Anna Hazare movement should do

The Anna Hazare's Movement to free India from the clutches of looting and corruption has run into rough weather. The looters who govern Indian have put up a united front, a diverse and multi cultural collection of looters have united to derail the movement. The 5 members of the Civil Society in the committee are being singled out and being subjected to slanderous attacks. The end motive seems clear, to demoralize them and finish off their credibility in the eyes of the public.

Digvijay Singh the Upper Caste servant of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi has been handpicked as the front man to lead the attack. Then there is the Bhushan’s CD where the involvement of Amar Singh seems obvious.Mayawati has demanded that a Dalit be included in the committee, this when seconded by the servant Digvijay Singh makes the nexus clear. The BJP on its part is mostly silent, except for the token criticism of the Government.

The goal is subversion , make at least a couple of the Civil Society members resign and replace them with guys who seem acceptable to the public like the Infosys Politicians and others of that kind who are waiting in the wings. The game plan becomes obvious because the relentless attacks are coming after just the first meeting of the committee.

Chouth or One fourth

The anti corruption crusaders have to take a look at the Root of corruption in India .The political dynasties not just Nehru/Gandhi Dynasty, but the others which have mushroomed all over India, These people are not going to give up looting voluntarily as the key to their continuance in power is the looted Billions at their disposal. Their only ideology is the one from the middle ages ‘ raj hamara,loot tumahri’ and the ‘ Chauth ‘ system , a levy of 25% commission on all the loot taking places in their Domains. All this while ECONOMIC CONDITION OF INDIA deteriorates further and further for 99% of the population.

But the anti corruption crusaders and more so the Civil Society should remember is that they have got a toe hold in the loot structure, it is this toe hold which the looters are and will try to dislodge. They should not cave in under the pressure and try to compromise, as this is exactly what the looters want to achieve. They should adopt a pro-active strategy and go for the attackers hammer and tong, as this is the only thing, which will yield results. They should not deviate from their strategy of involving the public and keeping them informed, as the looters want to distance them from the public

As 21 December 2012 approaches India is at the present moment at the cross roads of history more than any other nation in the world. The Prophecy of Nostradamus where he predicts a revolution in India is rapidly approaching as the conditions as indicated by him are fast approaching as of now.


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