Michel De Nostradame widely and commonly known as Nostradamus was born on 23 December 1503, he studied to become a doctor from the universities of Avignon and Montpelier in France. His family background according to some experts can be traced to the Jewish tribe of Issachar, the tribe which according to legend could for tell the future by studying the heavenly bodies. His prophecies were first published in 1568 about two years after his death.

Nostradamus had an in born gift of prediction; he was not only a clairvoyant but an audiovoyant as well. The method he used to go into the future has been described in his prophecies.

Century I I.I
Estant assis de nuict secret estude,
Seul reposé fus la selle d'airain;
Artwork on Nostradamus Secrets
Nostradamus Secrets Art
Flambe exigue sortant de solitude,
Feit proferer qui n'est à croire en vain.
Alone in the night in the secret room, the
rod rests on the water in the brass tripod.
A force comes out of nowhere and makes
it successful which otherwise would have
been in vain.

Century I I.II
La verge en main mise au milieu des branches,
De l'onde il moulle le limbe & le pied,
Vn peur & voix fremissent par les manches,
Splendeur diuine, le diuin pres s'assied.
the rod in my hand is placed in the middle
of the water in the tripod. I sprinkle the water
with the rod on my gown. I feel fear and the
calm as the force rises into me.

Artwork of Painting of Nostradamus in 3D
Artwork of Painting of Nostradamus
In quatrain I.I and quatrain I.II Nostradamus describes the secret method, which he used. He says that in the dead of the night when he would not be disturbed and when he could concentrate he would sit alone in a secret study which implies a room which was out of bonds for everyone, he wore a special gown and used a brass tripod filled with water and a rod to connect his body with the water in the brass tripod, he then sprinkled the water in the tripod on his gown and the force rose from the water into his body. Nostradamus could then see and hear the future in the water in the tripod, he could then feel it in his body and in this trance like state he wrote the quatrains.

The secret method used by Nostradamus was a way by which he could into the energy WHICH WE LIVE INSIDE AND WHICH LIVES INSIDE US he became one with the energy at first he felt fear and then calm as he himself became the energy.

You can also try this method to become the energy but remember that you have to approach with an unbiased and calm mind, which does not judge and arrives at conclusions. When one is in state of total concentration that is totally lost to the outside world and completely concentrating on your task one becomes that energy which one is concentrating on. The methods you use are but an aid to help you arrive at that state of mind, which enables you to fully concentrate; you could try this method or adopt variations, which you feel more comfortable in.

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