Powerful Mantra to destroy Evil

The Sudarshan Chakra [सुदर्शन चक्र] is the divine weapon of Vishnu, the Protective power of the Universe.

The Sudarshan Chakra is shaped like a disk and has 108 spokes. This is the weapon which is used by Vishnu to destroy evil. The Sudarshan Chakra was also the weapon of Shri.Krishna, the eighth Avatar of Vishnu.

This is a powerful Protection Mantra, to fight and overcome evil energies and forces which hinder your path. This Mantra is very useful in your day to day encounters with evil persons who want to harm you and is also useful is winning unjust court cases and legal matters.

This mantra is an invocation to Vishnu as the Chakradhar [the one who wields the Chakra], to the Chakra and again to Vishnu as the Chakrayudhdhari [the warrior with the Chakra].

Hey Chakradhar l
Hey Chakrapani l
Hey Chakrayudhdhari l
हे चक्रधर l
हे चक्रपाणि l
हे चक्रयुद्धधारी l

These are two more mantras recited for protection. One can recite these mantras everyday for a friction free life.

Om Sudarshanaya nam :ll
ॐ सुदर्शनाय नमः॥

Sudarshan Gayatri Mantra
Om Sudarshanaya Vidmahe
Maha-Jwaalaya Dhimahi
Tanno Chakra Prachodayat ll
सुदर्शन गायत्री मंत्र
ॐ सुदर्शनाय विधमहे
महाज्वालाय धीमहि
तन्नो चक्र प्रचोदयात् ll

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  1. Naskar Guruji,
    How many times one has to chant this mantra and which is the best time to do so, will this mantra help in warding of the ill effects (if at all any effect is there)of any mantra sidhi which am trying .


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