Nira Radia tapes - The silent media

The Nira Radia tapes scandal has shown what the mainstream media, as they take pride in calling themselves really are. I don’t mean just those media persons who figure in the transcripts, but all those others who have remained silent and still refuse to air the tapes, for reasons best known to themselves.

These guys are rubbing more black soot on their faces by justifying their cowardly action of not airing the tapes. Some of the most common reasons given are-

1. The tapes have not been authenticated. This in spite of the fact that those featuring in the tapes have not denied it. What about the tapes involving others, you feature in your so-called sting operations, are theses tapes authenticated.

2. This is an invasion of someone’s privacy. What about the mass invasions on privacy, which one sees daily on their shows. I think most of them are waiting with baited breath for the verdict of Ratan Tata’s application pending before the Supreme Court, so as to take a high moral ground and justify their actions.

4.Had the tapes involved some celebrity like a movies star, they would have been aired over and over again till the viewers would have got tired, and said enough, give us something else.

3. Can’t sit on judgment; have to look at the whole picture. What about the daily soap of media trails?

Over the years, the India media has become a part of the establishment. They have nicely fitted into the roles of cronies of the powerful lobbies of politicians and big time industrialists. They serve their masters in a variety of roles—

Planting of news stories, breaking news.

Bogus public opinion polls.

Justifying looting and corruption, most insist on calling the recent scamsters like Kalmadi and Raja as the Kingpins, when these gentlemen are just the Pawns of the looters.

Acting as go betweens, between industrialists and the politicians. Go betweens between various industrial and political factions.

Trying to appear as Kingmakers.

After running these and numerous other errands for the masters, most of these media persons have begun to appear like a bunch of Castrated Higras [Transvestites].Had it not been for the net the tapes would have been buried somewhere in the record rooms of the courts.

Probably the main reason for their silence may be that the exposed tapes are just a tip of the iceberg, those exposed so far are just a select few who have been made an example of. The others have certainly got the hint, fall in line or else.

I hope someone without any skeletons to hide, finally airs the tapes. There are bound to be a few honest media persons, who are not any of what I have said above. I had begun to like this guy Arnab Goswami of Times Now, this guy appears sincere, I had started to see his channel, but he too has not aired the tapes, I hope he does it now.


  1. You missed the show on NDTV last night. The great diva herself has appeared to justify her role in the whole murky thing. She was outraged that a person of her 'integrity' was being questioned so when all she had done was getting the story from one of her 'sources.'

    If you thought that it would make the whole breed of media ashamed of their other profession of lobbying in the corridors of power, you are sadly mistaken. Brazening it out is what is going on and we are the mute and helpless citizens of this mockery of democracy.

  2. Yes I think now they have mutated from being news persons to something else.

  3. Finally the net has forced the media to break their silence.Headlines Today was the first channel to come clean,the others will now have the courage to give some kind of explanation or excuse for their silence.

  4. Rahul Kanwal the anchor of Headlines Today is the new Mr.Clean of Indian Television.

  5. With blend of good and bad everywhere, in every field what should steps the people take,identifying their malpractices.


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