Settlements on Jupiter Trojan Asteroids

SF (science fiction) had long been presenting some dreamed of future living expansions off Earth as maybe somehow on some wished for star's planet, reached by some unreal magical fantasy space/time leaps or faster than light speed travel across the light-years far away space distances to any star, (most all in fact unlivably deadly for any human to ever try somehow living normally on).

Or maybe try nearby reachable Mars (.1065 of Earth mass, though too cold at 1.53 times our distance from Sol, thus getting only .427 of sunlight intensity on Earth, with unlivable thin atmosphere), or Venus (.8073 of Earth mass, having deadly poisonous atmosphere, deadly hot at .725 times our distance from Sol, getting 1.90 times brighter sunlight intensity than on Earth), (or Luna .01228 of Earth mass, airless and much too cold, requiring an air sealed heat insulated outer shell, or possibly similarly with some also airless much too cold asteroid, having only a slight fraction of Earth mass and gravity).

Why has SF entered the space age so confined, so locked into always thinking of any significant expanded future living as being only on such space bodies as a few planets?

This must of course be due to how everyone with few exceptions has mindlessly always been automatically tied to our living on Earth as just such an exclusive way to think of living only on a planet, of course only being able to easily build homes etc. on its surface, where we absolutely require its many available materials, also somehow wishfully having vital required decent temperatures in places and breathable air, plus needed water and achievable soil surface farms for absolutely required necessary food.

Actually Settlements on various different asteroids could in fact provide homes for many people. Small asteroids for settlements might be selected from Jupiter Trojan asteroids, (since wanted useful near-surface ice wouldn't have ever gotten warmed by the dim sunlight out there and lost as comet tails).

Originally of thus 11.86yr orbits, they could be slowly shifted into 12yr elliptic orbits swinging in near Earth's orbit some season, (and 6yr later out near Saturn's orbit).

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