Progress of a successful space settlement

Those who'd taken a gamble to invest time and money trying to get a Cylinder space settlement robotically made orbiting high around Earth, to tempt human interest in living off Earth with fractional weights and never poor weather, were now getting paid back from "fees" from those who had demonstrated convincing strong enough serious interest in actually moving there, and then had been approved to really do so.

Out of Earth's many billions, more than a few had been filling it, especially more eager imaginative independent minded young, providing they agreed to give some time each month to apply their minds to subtasks in often inventive projects, as payback for their robotically provided homes etc., and for robotically cared for and assisted easy living here. So far this settlement seemed to have been a good successful gamble for the investors.

All things here came from what had been robotically refined and formed on an asteroid, after the starting minimum had greatly expanded its capabilities and capacity numbers. This had then finally enabled tossing out and robotically delivering all needed for the remotely monitored robotic construction.

The investors were so far contented with their settlement progress. But they knew they had to make regular improvements to try keeping ahead of possible competition from others, since they'd demonstrated so well that such living possibilities could be robotically accomplished at low costs, and then really become preferred over old Earth traditional living by more than a few, thanks also to robotically made good daily serving robotic devices.

Their high orbiting cylinder world would soon have to be significantly lengthened, to allow for more from Earth wanting to enjoy such new fun living. Or else more space settlement(s) should soon start being formed. The investors were starting to favor trying an orbiting big spherical balloon settlement. To contain air pressure, it could have internal cables, suspending cylinders for homes, farms, etc., rotating enough on their axes to give useful light weights.

"Fees" covering medical needs, education, and various special services, etc., were cheaper, costing less time than on Earth, thanks to extensive use of robotically produced supplies and equipment up in such space settlements. This should tempt ever more possible future space settlers.

Robotically made homes were of course cheaper. For special extra services from Robotic equipment, folks could pay from credits earned by helping some robotic equipment at times, and occasionally refining a few of their tasks. (more doable ideas next Wed.?)

This is a guest post. Questions? If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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