Simple Remedies for Motion Sickness

Motion sickness or travel sickness is a condition which affects a large percentage of the population. Those affected then develop a phobia when it comes to traveling whether on land, sea or air. This is so because the dizziness, nausea and the vomiting which follows makes travel unbearable and repulsive for them.

Cloves for Motion Sickness 3D Image
Cloves for Motion Sickness

For these people I have a couple of really Simple Remedies for Motion Sickness which work; I have the first hand testimonials from those who have tried them.

Putting some clove sticks in your mouth, chewing them and swallowing the juice certainly helps in overcoming motion sickness.


The same process can be done with a piece of Ginger instead of Clove sticks if you wish. Ginger Fudge or Ale Pak as it is known in Hindi [commonly available on most Bus Stands or on Railway Platforms; also helps.

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