Space Settlements built by Robotic Devices

For their initial trial Cylinder space settlements, the investors, with helpful technicians, had early first developed a robotic collection which as programmed could refine asteroid-like materials from some desert land and form ever more capable robotic devices. (If sent to a 100km asteroid of density 3g/cc, (Luna has 3.36g/cc), then it would have surface gravity merely .004 of on Earth, thus very easy to land on and later toss things out from.)

The technicians working with the investors had reduced robot sizes to quite tiny in some cases. (This was being sometimes medically done for injected cell sized tiny robots inspecting an organ. When it determined or was signaled that its task was done, it would soon get drawn back to the injection needle to exit, available for a future use.) A minimal sized robotic collection had conveniently much reduced costs to ultimately become more affordable to rocket out only the minimalized starting robotic collection to reach a selected useful asteroid, a metal-rich (M-type) Asteroid of about 100km size.

The sent reprogrammable robots had been sufficiently capable so that they could handle all needs without any human technician ever having to rocket up out there. To have instead tried to have humans rocketed up in space suits to attempt all needed would have been awfully costly and inefficiently slow and difficult. Instead, humans could simply relax back here monitoring robotic asteroid work, and occasionally modify some of their internal programming.

The quite small initial robots arriving at the asteroid had first refined asteroid materials to begin expanding a needed Solar light to electricity conversion film. This let them begin performing ever more wanted expanded tasks. Then they could construct lots more often much bigger wanted Robotic devices. They early established improved high quality communications with Earth, with good views sent showing what they were doing.

This had eventually allowed forming many sets of building components as wanted to be tossed out from a rotating cable on a tower. Each set had a needed ion jet with asteroid matter to ionize, and a Solar light conversion film disk, to eventually refine its path into the wanted high orbit around Earth for the trial robotically made cylinder settlement. Robotic construction sets had also been tossed toward Earth, to orbit high and do as programmed to actually get the wanted settlement built.

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