Ancient Prayer to Rudra as Time

This is a Hymn form the oldest of the ancient Hindu scriptures Rig Veda, the oldest of the four Vedas, commonly believed to have been composed around 3700 years back in time. I found this Hymn very interesting as it reflects the thoughts of the ancients.

This Hymn was composed in form of a prayer or Prarthana dedicated to Rudra; worshiped in the Hindu religion as the fierce manifestation of the Ever-Existent Shiva.

This in fact is an ancient Hymn dedicated to Rudra symbolizing Kaal or Time. Rudra is worshipped as Kaal Bhairav; that reality of life which none can escape; Time.

The ancients describe Time as “The conqueror whom none can overcome”. They also understood that Time was the only medicine which healed everything;the ultimate healer.  Bhairav Worship is widespread in India.

To Rudra bring these songs, whose bow is firm and strong, the self-dependent God with swiftly-flying shafts,
The Wise, the Conqueror whom none may overcome, armed with sharp-pointed weapons: may he hear our call.
He through his lordship thinks on beings of the earth, on heavenly beings through his high imperial sway.
Come willingly to our doors that gladly welcome thee, and heal all sickness, Rudra, in our families.
May thy bright arrow which, shot down by thee from heaven, flieth upon the earth, pass us uninjured by.
Thou, very gracious God, hast thousand medicines: inflict no evil on our sons or progeny.
Slay us not, nor abandon us, O Rudra let not thy noose, when thou art angry, seize us.
Give us trimmed grass and fame among the living. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.
Translator - Ralph Griffith

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