Home remedies using Carrots

These are some Simple Remedies which can be tried at home using Carrots. Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A and it is universally believed that eating fresh Carrots can be beneficial for eye related problems; including night blindness.

Loose motions are said to be controlled by consuming the Soup of fresh boiled Carrots.

Problem of irregular menstrual cycle in women can be rectified if Carrot Seeds are grounded in water and that water is consumed for five days.

Wounds, boils and Pimples are said to be cured through the use of Carrots. Crushed raw Carrots mixed with flour are bandaged in traditional medicine to treat wound, boils and pimples.

Fresh Carrots are said to give relief from constipation and aid in eradicating intestinal parasites.

It is advisable to give children a Carrot a day as it is beneficial in physical and mental development; including the development of the Brain.

A few drops of Carrot juice put in the nostrils is said to give relief in problems related to breathing.

The inhalation of crushed Carrots is used to give relief from Hiccups.

Note – Like most foods it is always advisable not to overeat Carrots.

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