The peace and war of the Third Antichrist

This is the Prophecy of Nostradamus which strikingly coincides with the Bible Prophecies regarding the rise of the third Antichrist. I had previously interpreted the prophecy from the Bible in my post 1st Seal – Rise of the third Antichrist.

If we study both these prophecies it becomes clear that the third Antichrist rises to the leadership of the world through a peace program. This most certainly follows a period of turmoil, wars and natural disasters.

The second part of this prophecy is again strikingly similar the Bible prophecy on the war of the third Antichrist; see my post . The 2nd Seal War of the Third Antichrist. Even as the third Antichrist becomes a Global leader; a man of peace, he tries to impose his philosophy all over the world.

This philosophy is one world, one religion, one law. There is strong opposition to this philosophy which is being enforced. This leads to rebellion and war. The Quatrain further indicates that the forces of the third Antichrist will forcibly enter these territories. Those who oppose will either be killed or captured.

I. 92.
Sous vn la paix par tout sera clamee
Mais non long temps, pille & rebellion
Par refus, ville, terre & mer entammee,
Morts & captifs, le tiers d'vn milion.
Under one man peace will be proclaimed everywhere, but not long after will be looting and rebellion. Because of a refusal, town, land and see will be broached. About a third of a million dead or captured.

The skeptics will certainly say that Nostradamus was influenced by the Bible prophecies; I disagree. Only a few of the prophecies of Nostradamus coincide with the Bible prophecies. What about the rest?

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  1. Could this be what Nostradamus is predicting and will it make sense or is it a fraud.


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