Poem dedicated to the Indian Politician

This is a poem composed by me which I have dedicated to the Indian politician; especially to those who are the Members of Parliament. The fate of the contents of the Lokpal Bill to combat corruption hang in balance; the ruling elite is doing all it can do to derail it.

What is the duty of the Government has been left to social activists like Baba Ramdev and the Anna Hazare Movement.

Smear campaigns, brutal force and sleaze are some of the means; it there out in the open for one and all to see.

The Members of Parliament have to stand up and be counted; if they don’t then its darkness all over

भूलकर भी मत करो सत्य का तिरस्कार l
सत्य में बसा है प्रभु l
सत्-पुरुषों से निकलती है प्रभु की वाणी l
सत्य ले जाता है सिधे प्रभु के पास l
झूट का रास्ता नर्क के द्वार ll

English Translation
Bhoolkar bhi mat karo satya ka tiraskar l
Satya me basa hai prabhu l
Sat-purshon se nikalti hai prabhu ki vani l
Satya le jata hai prabhu ke paas l
Jhut ka rasta nark ke dwar ll

Don’t you ever have contempt for the truth l
In truth lives God l
The voice of God speaks to us through truthful people l
Truth takes us straight to God l
Lies straight to gate of hell ll

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