The Baba Ramdev Revolution ?

Baba Ramdev the Yoga and spiritual Guru has sounded the bugle of revolution to combat Corruption in India which has engulfed the entire nation and threatens to destroy the existence of the Indian citizens. At this moment of time, the ECONOMIC CONDITION OF INDIA shines more brightly than ever for the handful of looters and the parasites who feed of them. In these desperate circumstances, Baba Ramdev is probably the only light at the end of the tunnel, which many in this country see.

Baba Ramdev has predicted that the present Government led by Manmohan Singh is not going to complete its full term in office. This Government already in a state of collapse and under siege for its role in the loot of India is bound to collapse. Baba Ramdev further stated that there would be unprecedented unrest in India in the years 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2104.He also said that the unprecedented unrest will occur because of the unprecedented magnitude of corruption.

Baba Ramdev further said that the cleansing process will start from the top. He said that he was in possession of the names and Swiss Bank account details of the top most looters. Some of this information was acquired through sting operations. He also said that he was not interested in any kind of office but would ensure that honest persons would be put in positions of power, and exemplary punishment would be handed to the looters.

I was impressed by the conviction with which he made these statements.Baba Ramdev also asked everyone to watch out for the rally which he would be holding on 27th February in New Delhi on the death anniversary of Chandra Shekhar Azad. He also said that everyone should watch out for 23rd March, he did not elaborate on this. He further said that he would take action as regards to the loot menace before the end of June.

He has to spell out the details as regards to his alternate model of governance. The present model cannot survive as it is breeding ground for corruption, dynastic politics and criminalization of politics.

Much of what I had written in my posts on the Prophecies about India and Prophecies about India - 2 seems to be falling in place. The changes have to come, that is unavoidable, if this is it only a short time will tell as Baba Ramdev has clearly spelt out some dates.

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