If Wikileaks exposes Indian accounts in Swiss Banks

Rudolf Elmer a former Swiss Banker has handed over two Compact; Disks reportedly containing names of about 2,000 tax evaders worldwide, having illegal accounts in Swiss banks to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The very fact that they held a joint press conference and showed those Compact Disks indicates that Wikileaks is going to publish that list very soon.

This has confused the famed Indian Looters who reportedly have approximately $1456 billion, of loot stashed away in the Swiss Blood Money Treasury. This amount is more that the illegal funds of the next five countries put together. If this amount is brought back to India, and distributed, every Indian Household will get about 2.5 lakh rupees each as stated by Ram Jethmalani. I had written about the true ECONOMIC CONDITION OF INDIA in March last year. Now most probably some of the prominent looters are likely to be unmasked.

Yet I am skeptical about what might happen in India once some prominent Indian names are published. There is bound to be a lot of hue and cry, which might go on and on till the shouters themselves get tired. This is how such exposures are ultimately killed in India. The main pawns in the recent commonwealth loot and the Nira Radia tapes scandal have yet to be arrested.

What might probably happen if Wikileaks or for that matter someone else exposes the looters is another cover up. After all the Ramu Kakas who govern India only follow their owner’s orders. We might witness the same ‘modus operandi‘followed in each and every scam. Some of the arguments the same bunch of enslaved spokespersons economists and legal luminaries might put forward might be –

The Government is well apprised of the matter and is taking all possible measures.

We have yet to receive the full details.

We have asked the Swiss Government to provide us with the necessary documents.

A team of law officers is going to visit Switzerland.

We will be holding discussions with the Swiss Government.

Any allegation must be backed by substantial evidence.

We have asked the investigating agencies to act swiftly and promptly.

We will be appointing an Inquiry Commission.

We will be submitting all evidence received to the Supreme Court of India, let the honorable Court decide.

The matter is Sub-Judice it will be improper to comment on it.

These delaying tactics will give the Indian looters and the Swiss criminals’ sufficient time to cover their tracks and destroy the evidence. One is sure to witness the usual Orchestrated scenes in Parliament. And at the end of the day nothing will come out just as it happens every time.

The looters have become so immune to the exposures and scams that they probably take it as a part and parcel of their jobs which are to Govern and loot India.

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  1. That was a wonderful post Prophet. It makes one mad to see the way out country is dealing with humongous corruption and you are right. they all either die down or those ruling us become brazen.

  2. enlightening! God knows when the illiterate and the educated ignorant will wake up to reality and vote these crooks out forever


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