Cylinder space settlements

Loads formed and tossed out by the robotic equipment obediently slaving away on the chosen convenient source asteroid, started arriving near Earth, at no new cost except to remotely lightly monitor and sometimes adjust what the equipment was programmed to do. The first loads had ion jets to bring them into the wanted orbit high above Earth.

Ionized asteroid matter was shot out from the jets. The jets would later be detached, then reused to bring in new loads flung to here from far away. The first loads carried needed robotic equipment made on the distant asteroid, ready to assemble here the planned cylinder settlement from lots of future prepared parts loads sent from the asteroid.

Gradually the cylinder space settlement's big outer cylinder got assembled. Inside it were built cylinder levels for farms. Inside them was a level for manufacturing and business places. Inside it was a level for homes. Inside all that was an open grassy park play area which from cylinder spin would get comfortable effective fractional Earth gravity. To have tried sending up all such needed components from Earth in 100s of costly big rocket lifts would have instead have been hugely expensive, (while polluting Earth's atmosphere some).

Around the axis were hung lighting loops to keep the park's grass recycling air for folks relaxing or playing here. Inside the park there were a couple faster spin not wide cylinders for running, for Earth weight exercise. Running one direction would give you a bit heavier effective weight, lighter if running the other direction. (Also there were good modern biochemical mixes folks could take to compensate for having little or no heavy exercising.)

There were cables throughout inside all this to support all levels and to pull in the atmosphere containing outer cylinder shell. An outside protective cylinder shell had a very thick heat insulating layer of asteroid matter, to also protect from space debris, (usually very small). If ever a future rare dangerously big meteor approached, it would be detected far enough away to safely deflect it away.

Stuck out from each axis end was a tower with a spinning big Solar energy collecting disk film. Each had to be very big to collect all electricity needed inside, including for lighting to grow food (while recycling air).To keep each disk facing Sol while the cylinder settlement was orbiting Earth, disk spin axis directions would be very slowly turned once a year.

Finally after years of robotic construction, air was introduced, mostly nitrogen and oxygen robotically refined out of asteroid materials. Seeds sent up from Earth were planted, using water from ice mined from below the source asteroid's surface. (It's surface ice would've been lost billions of years ago as sunlight had warmed it, vaporized then into comet tails.) Simulated adequate soil was mixed from sent asteroid materials.

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