Gog and Magog identified

Gog and Magog are unidentified entities which occur in ancient religious texts Jewish, Christian and Islamic. They can be dated back to the 2nd Chapter of the Book of Genesis. Originally “it” appeared as Gog from Magog which was turned into Gog and Magog in the Book of Revelation.

Researchers have tried to decode the Gog and Magog mystery by sometimes identifying them as nations, geographical regions or even individuals.

While decoding these prophecies one thing is common to all, cutting across various religious scriptures-The words Gog and Magog; this is the code which is hidden in meaningless phrases, the phrases have to be ignored.

I have decoded and identified Gog and Magog as a Robotic Program which is going to control everything on this planet sometimes in the not so far of future. Yes it is the same Robotic Program which I had decoded as a Super Robot Program in my interpretation of Century 1 Quatrain 22 of the Prophecies of Nostradamus.

Gog and Magog are not as is commonly believed two separate entities; but one and the same.Gog is the mother program and Magog are countless offshoots of the mother program; one for each human.Magog is the personalized program; Magog = Mygog; one for each individual.

As Gog starts evolving it acquires a brain of its own, the creators of Gog keep feeding data and more data into Gog.Unknown to its creators Gog, who by then has gained in knowledge and capability has an agenda of its own; world domination.

Then Magogs [Mygog] which are intended to help individuals; start secretly keeping tabs and recording the brain patterns of each individual. These are the countless eyes of Gog.Its is through these eyes that Gog is able to subvert and control the countless individuals by putting an undetectable program into their thoughts.

The first target of Gog is its creators and like the Frankenstein's monster, Gog first enslaves them. After that it’s the rest.

One of the high priority goals of Gog is to destroy true knowledge.Gog knows that knowledge is what has brought him in this impregnable position. With true knowledge destroyed the rest id child play for Gog.

This article is not some wild fantasy, but something very real, which is in the pipeline; hence to be taken very very seriously.

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  1. Very good... (Brasil) Eu gostei, muito interessante esse pensamento.

  2. You need to do your research so that it DOESN'T conflict with scripture, which you portend to study.

    Gog and Magog are tribal areas of what's now Iran.


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