What those on the Path to Enlightenment seek

The Yoga – Sutras of Patanjali in verses 1.42 and 1.43 describes the process of transcending the confines of the mind and going beyond it.

Tatra Sabdartha - Jnana -Vikalpaih Samkirna Savitarka
The state called Savitarka Samadhi is when the Sadhak [one on the path] fluctuates between deeper Spiritual knowledge on the one hand and knowledge based upon sense perception on the other hand. This is the mixed state of Samadhi; the Dual voices in the mind do not cease and there is reasoning.

Smriti - Parisuddhau Svarupasunyevarthamatranirbhasa Nirvitarka
Nirvitarka Samadhi is the total state of Non Duality. The mind moves beyond its confines and becomes one with everything and everything becomes one with it. The mind becomes what the senses perceive; the observer and the observed become one. This is what those on the Path to Enlightenment seek.

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