What are Spirit Guides

Spirit guides or Spiritual Masters have been described time and again by most cultures as well by Mediums and Psychics. These Spirit Masters are those beings who have passed through all the Astral states including the elusive states of the highest Samadhi.

SABIKALPA SAMADHI – The one who has merged his existence into the Ever-Existent. This refers to the state of Non Duality. One realizes that he is one with all and that all is one with him, that he is all.


NIRBIKALPA SAMADHI – In the above Sabikalpa Samadhi one reaches the highest possible state of Existence when one acquires the highest true knowledge or what is termed as realization.

Such being who achieve this state attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death as also from astral rebirths in the lower realms of the Astral World and go to the highest plane of Existence in the Astral World. This world is called as the Casual World. In this world the liberated beings can actually do what the normal human fantasizes with his mind.

Such beings are free from any sort of restrictions material, mental or physical. There are no boundaries of any sort. In short they can do whatever they please. Such a state is acquired only by those in the highest state of Existence. These beings, the Spiritual Masters retain the physical state of their last worldly birth, mostly as they looked in their prime in their last birth, where they extinguished all their Karmic Debts and gained liberation.

The main purpose of their manifestation as Spirit Guides is to help and aid those humans who are in the most advanced stage of material birth. The spirit Guides aid such humans to overcome their Karmic debts, and pave their way to liberation to the highest Astral World.

Such masters communicate and give indications in numerous ways, like appearing in dreams or in a state of profound silence. There are said to be other indicators like a particular sensation or a feeling which might indicate the presence of a master. Most common method is to appear as thought forms and advise or correct the path which the human has chosen.

The Spiritual Masters reincarnate time and again on Earth and other Planets in the Cosmos to correct severe mutations in the natural course of evolution which have taken place.

However there is some caution to be exercised by those who have not yet reached the advanced stage. There are various Astral vibratory Zones in which evil Astral beings are restricted. These beings are confined there as per their Karma. Undeveloped humans might attract the vibrations of such beings, which are likely to lead them astray.

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