Balloon World Settlement

Folks in different Settlements formed on Jupiter Trojan asteroids, perhaps after having their orbits shifted to swing in near Earth each 12 years, would be made able to tightly beam communications to those on other asteroids. Such communications, if across from somewhat near opposite sides of Saturn's orbit, could take 2hr. (So no live 2-way conversations could occur between folks on different asteroids. It would be more like sending an email, then before long getting a reply.)

It would have helped to have used a strong ion jet up on a high tower to gradually slow the asteroid's day to finally match its "year" orbiting Sol. Then a Solar energy converting disk could always stay nicely facing Sol, while shielding the surface from wasteful ice vaporizing Solar light. Multiple communications with far away settlements could use a microgridded wave front communications cube up here, or use one now always at the asteroid's back side.

It dawned on some in the high orbiting big multilevel cylinder settlement, that better than any past considered asteroid surface settlements, an airtight heat insulated big balloon settlement could be formed simply afloat in space, maybe orbiting its source asteroid or Earth. This could gain easy future robotic expansions for bigger spherical balloon sizes, to allow more settlers in ever more internal homes cable suspended cylinders.

Robotically refined materials easily tossed out very light weight from an asteroid could be ion jetted to such a big balloon world being formed or expanded.

Electricity could then come from wide Solar light converting disk films formed and sent out from the source asteroid, to get lightly spun wide out on light towers at opposite balloon world pole towers. These could have their facing directions slowly turned once each orbit around Sol to stay nicely facing Sol.

Structures inside could give effective useful daily weights by being not fast spinning multilevel cylinders, such as for farms and homes, etc., their spin axes attached to an internal cable network, conveniently also holding in the outer shell against space vacuum.

So it's time SF should seriously expand and revise its old habitual limited traditional thinking and now allow for several realistic interesting new space settlement practical possibilities.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask .If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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