Disha Bandhan Mantra

It is the experience of many Sadhaks aspiring for Siddhi or in the process of any Japa, Anushtan, Prarthana or even Kundalini awakening, that they encounter some obstacles or difficulties. One of the reasons could be that some negative vibrations or energies have entered their aura and are troubling them and creating obstacles in completing the Sadhana.

This mantra which is a verse from the Rig-Veda can be chanted before commencing any Japa, Anushtan or Mantra Siddhi. This mantra is called the Dishabandhan Mantra or a mantra to close all the four directions. The mantra should be chanted and Bhasma or ash from the Dhoop or Agarbatti should be blown in all 4 directions after chanting this mantra.

If the Sadhak is commencing a lengthy Mantra Siddhi Sadhana then the mantra can even be written on a piece of paper and kept in the place of worship and everyday before commencing the Sadhana, Haldi, Kunkum and Agarbatti should be offered to this piece of paper.

Disha Bandhan Mantra for Full Security
Disha Bandhan Mantra

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  1. guruji how many times to chant this mantra?

  2. Guruji A supernatural power entered in to my house with me it is in me due to that I had no sleep at all at nights and all dreams in sleep that make me very tired and I have no sleep and hungry in stomach all day even I ate food iam going to die iam unable to suffer this from 3 years pls help me reply me 7981514855


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