Mantra to eradicate great sins

This is a most simple yet at the same time a Powerful mantra to eradicate sins; even great sins. This mantra is known as the Panch Sati Mantra. This mantra I have noted has been mistakenly addressed as the Panch Kanya Mantra . The meaning of Kanya is Hindi in this context is Virgin. Virgins in India are said to symbolize purity.

This is a mistaken notion the five women named in this mantra were all married women not virgins who were for no fault of them wronged.

Hindu Paap or Sin removal Vedic Sanskrit Mantra
Panch Sati Mantra

The wife of Gautam Rishi Ahalya, the wife of the Pandavas Draupadi, Prabhu Ramchandras wife Sita, Taramati the wife of Raja Harishchandra and Mandadori the wife of Ravana are the five Mahasatis; the one who contemplates upon them with devotion eradicates great sins which he has committed.

Note- Second line should read- Panchakam Na - पंचकं ना.

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  1. How many times should it be recited; minimum 108 ?

  2. in kali yuga, you better to chant mantras in 111 will bring good success in dwapara yuga,it was 108 treta yuga,it was 101 times chant.....

    i got this information from a great sage ...if you have doubt contact

  3. dear sir, iss mantra ka jaap kisi bhi samay kiya jaa sakta hai ya phir isey sirf morning mein hi karna jaruri hai.

    1. Mantra can be chanted any time of the day

  4. iss mantra mein panchak hai ya (panchakam) hai

  5. dear sir , is this mantra is satvik in nature

    1. in this mantra NA is written but when i asked one sage about this mantra he told me that the right pronounciation is (Namam) not (na) so please can u tell me that which one is correct?

  6. guru ji pranam i have one probleum to chant this mantra here "panchak NA" in given in english but in sanskrit "panchakam NA NA" is given so which one is correct ? please help! thank u guru ji

    1. Repeat NA only once; in the Sanskrit version there is typing error

    2. ok guru ji thanks , only one last question i m confuse between two word (Panchakam)and (panchak)which one is correct?please reply thank u

    3. thank u guru ji saadar pranam dhanyawad

  7. dear sir,
    sir isn't panchakam na is read as panchkanya as it is written in many places

    1. Yes, some sites have given that wording for this Mantra.
      But this version of the Mantra is correct if you look at the explanation given in the post.


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