Hanuman mantra to fulfill a wish

Here is some great news for the devote worshippers of the Hindu God of infinite strength Hanuman. In this post I am giving the Hanuman mantra to fulfill a wish. This Hanuman mantra is said to help you overcome the difficulties or problems you might encounter in fulfilling that wish.

Hanuman mantra to fulfill a wish of any kind by Worship
Hanuman mantra to fulfill a wish

The Mantra dedicated to Maruti; another name of Hanuman has to be recited for one Mala or 108 times and after that you must worship Hanuman.

Note - The words भीष्ट and bhsht in the Mantra should read - अभीष्ट - Abhishta

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  1. will this mantra helpful in getting me back to my lover.that's my desire

  2. The hanuman stotra or maruti stotra is sung at every evening in our home.It is ver powerful shlok.The meaning of maruti stotra is given at http://marutistotra.blogspot.ca/

  3. Replies
    1. sir please tell me its really work to fill fullmy wish

  4. Dear Sir,
    Do we have to chant daily or once?


  5. Can you please advise the meaning of this mantra pls?

  6. Neelji is this mantra to be recited only one time?

  7. Namaste Neel ji and Ashok Mehta ji, i hope some day you can answer all these questions asked above, so we can proceed with this sadhna.

    How many times we have to chant per day

    As far as for hiw long spwe should do this, i guess its untill we fulfill our desires, am i right?

    Thank you.

    1. adding another question: being lord Hanuman mantra, i guess we have to start this on Any Tuesday? or it can be started on any day?

      thank you very much.

    2. Yes, you can certainly commence the Mantra Chanting from any Tuesday.

    3. 108 times x 3 times a day- in morning, 4 pm and 7 pm for 40 days using a red coral rosary. And its अभीष्टदेहि not भीष्टदेहि

  8. pranam neel sir plzz clarify that the mantra has to b recited only on Tuesday or daily....n other rules to be followed...plzz let me know

    1. Yes, that is right,you can to the Sadhana once, but see the above reply for a specific timebound Mantra Sadhana.

  9. I want something like a laptop.And I did this mantra sadhana on Tuesday then I worshipped Hanuman with Aarti.Will my desire get fulfilled even if it takes time?

    1. One day japa is not enough. Kindly look at the procedure I have mentioned in the comments

  10. The japa days will be continuously 40 days for continuously 40 Tuesday ???

  11. Please do let me know.. I am begging you ..pleaseee

    1. That is up to you, the post does not mention any specific period.
      Success depends upon the intensity with which a mantra is chanted, you can chant the mantra daily as mentioned in the post until your wish is fulfilled.

  12. How exactly do you pronounce this mantra?


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