Use of Ginger and Fenugreek in fighting Whooping Cough

The commonly found edible Ginger and Fenugreek are used in a lot of health remedies in India. Traditional Indian practitioners of naturopathy discovered their strong properties as anti bacterial and antibiotic agents and put them to good use in fighting infections.

Amongst the various health remedies involving Ginger and Fenugreek; the one to fight Whooping Cough has been found to be most effective.

This is a simple remedy which one can easily practice it at home. Take one teaspoon of Ginger juice and mix it with a cup of Fenugreek decoction along with a little bit of honey . Drink this mixture; it is found to act as an effective expectorant and diaphoretic in fighting Whooping Cough .

The Decoction of the Fenugreek leaves is done by mashing the leaves and them boiling them in water. After it boils sufficiently remove from fire and the filter the content with a sieve.

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