Home Remedy to stop Vomiting

This is a simple Indian home Remedy to stop vomiting. This remedy makes the use of Mung Beans [Green or Golden Gram]; a commonly used pulse which is normally found in most kitchens in India; as also the world over.

The preparation is quite simple; take the following ingredients.
2 table spoon of roasted Mung Beans.
2 table spoons of Murmure [puffed rice] normally used to make snacks and fast food items in India.
1 teaspoon of Honey
1 teaspoon of Sugar

Boil the above ingredients to prepare a Kadha [Indian name for Herbal tea]

Giving this preparation to patients suffering from vomiting is said to be beneficial in controlling vomiting.

Note – Only given for information and educational purposes and not as a replacement for any ongoing treatment.

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