Simple Home Remedy to relieve pain

Guggulu [Indian Bedellium] is used extensively in Hindu religious practices and in the process of acquiring Siddhi [mastery] over certain Mantras and Tantrik practices for specific purposes.

Most devote Hindus have some Guggulu in their homes at most times. Yet very few know that this Puja item can be used to relieve pain due to fracture of the bones, swelling, internal wounds and pain due to lumps.

A Simple Home Remedy to relieve pain is to mix a little bit of Guggulu with water and rub it on a hard cooking board to make some paste. Then heat this paste to make it a thick and luke warm paste. Rubbing this paste over the affected body part relieves pain.

Another Simple Home Remedy to relieve pain due to Arthritis, backache, waist pain, knee pain or pain due to excessive gas is to take 1 gram of Guggulu with a teaspoon of honey twice a day till the pain subsides.

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