175 billion people in 1 Fullball world?

175 billion people in 1 Fullball world? That's huge 175,000,000,000 Just 15.7km radius (9.75mi), like some big Earth city + suburbs, could have over 200 million (200,000,000), like the total U.S. population about when R.Buckminster Fuller died in 1983! That's of course because in a Fullball world the full 3D volume is efficiently used, much superior over merely scattered Earth like town & city mere surfaces.

In fact total populations might be at least triple what was estimated here, since farmed food should get produced during all the good growing nice warm months of each year, and in higher quantities than produced on Earth thanks to having better genetic varieties, while using more well lit growing hours during each day, and then gaining more to eat since no Earth farm animals are being raised consuming many of such plants. Thus maybe under 1/3 as much avg. volume for farms will be needed per person vs. what was computed above.

Folks can easily air swim quite weightless between suspended multilevel cylinders using hand fans or bellows or air scoops. Some parks cylinders can be spun enough to give Earth weight for folks wanting to spend some time more as if on Earth, or to play sports, or get Earth like exercise. Multilevel farms cylinders can be suspended within the outer half sphere radius, thus 7/8 of the world volume. People can live conveniently closer in the world's inner half radius or 1/8 world volume.

Slightly like city blocks having 2 level homes all around their sides, Fullball worlds were given suspended multilevel homes cylinders having 2 level homes all around both cylinder ends. These might have 14 cylinder levels, with the inner 4 being a big open light weight play area of 8m radius. It would be so light weight in there that you could jump to the axis or jump across.

If homes efficiently share adjacent walls, to each have about width 12.5m from a level's circumference, then the 5 pairs of homes levels nicely allow 5 7 9 11 13 2-level homes around them. If a homes cylinder having 2m high levels rotates 2.13rev/min (to give .1 earth weight a little below the middle home level), this gives weights at hip levels of .048 .058 .069 .079 .09 .1 .11 .121 .131 .142 of weight on Earth, thus comfortably very light weight in all levels, much better than in some small almost weightless asteroid settlement, yet still easy to move massive things. (Light weights in homes usefully lets more be formed using the sent prepared materials.)

Those who might prefer a bit more weight would obtain homes in the outer levels which had more such homes available around them. Those contented with lighter weight could have homes in the inner levels.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com if interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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