Fullball world how big?

A Fullball world of merely 1km radius (.62mi), could have within its full ball world volume over 50,000 people! Later it could be progressively expanded for lots more folks.

How big can a spherical Fullball world grow before self gravitation weights of all inside gets too high for air pressure pushing out the cable network tied outer shell? If 100m x 200m x 4m vol. per person, (generously based on 1985 U.S. population just after Fuller died, on land excluding mountains & deserts),and if avg. density = 1m depth of water in that 4m depth, (plus a 2m thick outer protective layer), then various sized spherical balloon worlds compute to: radius people max acc all wt. | radius people max acc all wt. km thousands mm/s^2

km thousands mm/s^2 Atm | km thousands mm/s^2 Atm
5 6,545 .349 .001078 | 60 11,309,734 4.194 .155203
10 52,360 .699 .004311 | 70 17,959,438 4.893 .211248
15 176,715 1.048 .009700 | 80 26,808,257 5.591 .275916
20 418,879 1.398 .017245 | 100 52,359,878 6.989 .431118
25 818,123 1.747 .026945 | 120 90,477,868 8.387 .620810
30 1,413,717 2.097 .038801 | 140 143,675,504 9.785 .844992
40 3,351,032 2.796 .068979 | 150 176,714,587 10.484 .970016
50 6,544,985 3.495 .107780 | 155 194,981,639 10.833 1.035762

The "max acc mm/s^2" column can reach 1/1000 of Earth gravity near the outer shell, still almost weightless. Or for 5 billion people (5,000,000,000), 45km radius gives at most 1/3000 of Earth gravity. So air swimming will remain conveniently easy.

But the last column says that if 155km radius, the air pressure inside the shell can't sustain the self gravitation internal weights of all suspended farms, homes, etc. So then in the far remote future, instead build more such worlds. (They could be built maybe in slow orbits around each other or around their source asteroid.)

Hence the investors for this plus many of the high big cylinder residents concluded that even to theoretically allow 175 billion living off Earth 175,000,000,000), a Fullball balloon world would become best.

When expanding any future big Fullball world, the internal cable network would be checked for cable tensions near world center. Initially for a small Fullball world, this would essentially equal what was needed to keep the outer shell pulled in against internal air pressure.

But for a big Fullball world, cable tensions near world center would decline due to accumulated internal self gravitation weights of all cable suspended things inside balancing against the air pressure against the outer shell. If ever declining too near zero, this would warn that the world couldn't be safely expanded again.

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