Brain changes in future humans

With Molecular matrix new brain layers working at electronic speed and with core brain neurons now smaller and working a bit faster, talking aloud became somewhat slow for many communications. Moderns thus devised a way to beam conversations and also encoded information or higher new brain complex communications between folks in sight of each other.

This used 1cm tight visible-ultraviolet light beams. 1mm might've been fine, but only if no fast relative movement between the sender and the target. Thus newly added 1cm wave front sending-receiving disks, most fixed around the head linked into the brain, and maybe one in the back of each hand, allowed still receiving such beamed communications when relative movements started to shift a beam a bit off target.

Someone’s quick movement or head turn might shift a disk position over 1m/s.Electronic speed was thus required to keep finely adjusting changing directions to suitably follow a moving disk target. To beam to someone moving behind you, you switched used wave front disks to those at the side or back of your head. Relays at ceiling edges or corners allowed such communicating in Fullball worlds with others at home, better and faster than over a phone.

Beaming signals became a good way to control and communicate with Robotic devices . Parties became quieter as friends communicated with each other this way. In a crowd you could now have completely private conversations with a few. More relays were put in many other places including the net weightless play cages suspended between homes cylinders.

Moderns could now quite freely play even for hours while their advanced new brain volumes were deeply engaged in very complex work, quickly reaching others whenever needed.

This is a guest post. If interested in vastly more details about such living and advanced future folks, you may email and ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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