Molecular evolution of future humans

Moderns had found more ways to reduce cell sizes. They eliminated useless DNA fragments from ancient viruses, 3-8% of chromosomes inherited from past humans. They eliminated inactive parts of DNA and ancient genes. The brain had again became a bit smaller, safely allowing a not too thick added brain layer.

Other moderns had devised complex interconnected molecular matrix forms much advanced beyond the best computers. These could function as electronic speed new brain volumes, linked into the brain. The male belly was a good place for this, never needed for a baby. Females had a good usable place closer to the brain. Breasts are rather flat in most primates. Our larger mammary glands here produced milk, 2/3 of them being within merely 3cm of nipples, (little over an inch. Bigger breasts had wasted volume except for attracting our males.)

A special flexible needle injected a prepared molecular matrix seed with electronic links to the outside, also a channel to regularly pipe in solutions of fresh molecular matrix components. An external computer first used the seed to control what slowly got developed, then finally this got a growing molecular matrix volume functioning well, eventually for good creative thinking. This continued unrushed for about as many years as it took to develop adult breasts.These were safely rather flexible. Part of the volume got formed into what converted waste body heat into usable electricity needed here.

Channels serving like the spinal cord were formed and extended to link into the brain. When fully developed, this let moderns invent things much faster and more complex than the old brain. At the same time the old brain could now quite freely indulge in entertainments and old core pleasures. As more moderns got this added, there came to be so much new advanced creative brain power that some had trouble finding new things to work on. So some began devising new and advanced entertainments for the old and new brain volumes. Why restrict such new advanced mental volumes to just coldly rational complex creative technical inventiveness? Let all higher brain levels enjoy some fun!

This much added high speed molecular matrix advanced mental capacity meant it could be used to work on more than one mental task at the same time. An overseeing top mental level would watch over all going on and when needed change tasks which different new brain portions were working on, a bit like how your conscious mind oversees what you do, and decides what to do next.

This is a guest post. If interested in vastly more details about such living and advanced future folks, you may email and ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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