Superorgasmic pleasure state in future humans

Thanks to new noncellular Molecular matrix electronic speed added brain volumes taking over moderns' mental tasks like highly advanced complex inventiveness, such improved folks now had lots of free time in their core brains which couldn't mentally compete. With aging halted, there was little need to have many young. Thus not many needed time to raise recent young.

Moderns in space realized at core brain level they could start giving lots of time for nice pleasures. Childish playful fun times were increased and enhanced. More time was spent having weightless fun together floating in net play cages between the suspended homes cylinders. New entertainment programs were spread around their Fullball worlds.

Good natural pleasures arise from sex, as needed to have kept species surviving. This could be improved. New expanded brainy breasts had needed expanded enclosing surfaces. The expanded skin was now developed with lots more good improved touch sensors given improved responses in the brain.

This was done so well that now you could easily become orgasmic from good fondling here. It was decided they might as well also improve the primary sexual places of both sexes. The penis and especially the clitoris were nicely expanded and made even more extra sensitive in the best ways.

The new pleasures also became enriched thanks to a new modern much enjoyed higher superorgasmic pleasure state which could be most delightfully continued for hours! Exploiting wave front beamed encoded mental activity, all such good enhanced pleasure sensations could be beamed & transmitted to one's associates, for them to translate back into much enjoyed core pleasure sensations, while they happily relaxed in their homes maybe busily engaged at their new higher noncellular brain levels.

At the same time, the sender could receive & much enjoy similar encoded sensations coming from playful coworkers well relaxed enjoying such playing in their own homes. They could thus now delightfully enjoy sharing in hours of enhanced richly much extended core Brain pleasures while their noncellular higher minds were busy with advanced creativity.

This is a guest post. If interested in vastly more details about such living and advanced future folks, you may email and ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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