Interior of Homes Cylinders

Some homes cylinders for a Fullball world were instead built with levels maybe 2.5m (8.2') high, maybe with some reduced spin to give low weights like those in cylinders having 2m high levels.

A few homes cylinders were rotated faster for more weight, but most folks agreed the very comfortable easy advantages of low fractional weight living normally beat forever having to put up with somewhat higher spin weights.It could be somewhat fun to simply take lazy easy slow hops to move about inside your homes cylinder. Higher spin weight homes instead cost extra, requiring stronger built more massive homes cylinders, and stronger furniture.

The central interior of a homes cylinder, between the 2 level homes ends, had joined yards areas, often with numerous genetically improved never too tall fruit trees and bushes, with frequent fruit giving superior nutrition. Light weights here meant such fruit trees didn't need to grow massive trunks and thick branches like trees on Earth. Instead more bigger fruits got more frequently produced in the ideal daily living temperatures well lit at least 3/4 of most days. These had been modified to produce fresh fruits most months.

The surface of many such common central yards might have grass (which would get robotically trimmed) or a new living clean durable spongey surface which helped recycle more oxygen. If a tree had fruit out of reach, your low weight from the cylinder rotation would let you easily jump slowly to grab it.

It wasn't hard, if you wanted, to jump up to the interior balcony on your upper home level, overlooking the central yards area, instead of using its stairway. Often single moderns living alone felt that one level had more than enough living space for them, so often different folks would live separately in each level.

Homes cylinders were given about 2m wide passageways between adjacent homes' lower levels, to reach a doorway to an outer balcony, or to walk into the central yards area. Such a balcony outside at an end of a homes cylinder, was a full ring outside balcony all around for all the homes at that cylinder end all around on that level. The upper levels of that ring of homes also had a balcony ring, reached by outside stairways up and down, or by doors into those upper levels.

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