Non cellular humans in the future

Cells constantly require food supplies while many cells get periodically replaced. More in the body could be made non cellular using more safe molecular matrix forms. Such forms were thus invented, improved and refined to replace bones, muscles, skin, etc. (When such new "skin" began wearing thin somewhere, a new thin wear resistant layer would simply be painted over there.)

All such developments let good inventive moderns try forming completely non cellular forms for creating new moderns. They could gradually form them carefully over a few years. All fully non cellular brain volumes would get good knowledge bases installed with great thinking capacity. Finally they would be awakened to life. Months of training and mental practice gradually developed and refined each into a unique individual.

After this had gotten successfully developed, producing a number of good new non cellular moderns, some then worked on ways to gradually transform a cellular modern, (already having good non cellular new brain volumes), into totally non cellular over a few years. This opened up body space for maybe extra mental storage and capacity since large lungs and the digestive system were no longer needed. Parts of the body were instead conveniently used now to gain energy converted into electricity from waste or surrounding body heat. Those developing all this carefully retained various good cellular moderns' characteristics, including enjoyed pleasure responses such as from playing and sex. Why not? Let more advanced fun living continue to daily be much enjoyed.

When components were wanted somewhere in the body for some change, there was a system of tracks to transport them where wanted, to soon get formed into the wanted change. Thus no need for the old blood circulatory system, nor lungs to exchange blood CO2 with fresh O2. Simpler lungs were however kept as useful at times to sniff things or to blow, also to talk or sing.

Gradually more and more moderns decided this was getting so well developed that there were good long-term living advantages from transforming into wholly non cellular. This gradually opened up much more room in their Fullball worlds since big farms became unneeded. So their existing worlds became able to much increase their populations. Old kitchens for daily meals and also toilets became unneeded. So twin home levels could be split to provide even more homes.

Non cellular moderns could even do things out in space with no space suit. But that was so cold it would be slow to accomplish much. Better to be in a good temperature settlement. Good being able to easily air swim to friends.

This is a guest post. If interested in vastly more details about such living and advanced future folks, you may email and ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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