Mantra for Enlightenment

After I wrote the post on Meditation for Enlightenment, a lot of readers wrote to me requesting for a Mantra for Enlightenment.

The Mantra I am giving here is the most profoundly Spiritual of the Indian Mantras. The literal meaning of this Mantra “Aham Brahmashmi” is “I am Brahma” or “I am the Creator”.

To meditate upon this Mantra one has to first understand from the bottom of one’s heart the true meaning of the Indian concept of Non Duality to understand what Enlightenment really means.

Indian philosophy states repeatedly that each and every being is nothing but God or the Ever Existent.
The Ever Existent manifests as living beings in order to experience the infinite aspects of its own nature.
The body is not the individual, it is only the vehicle for the self [Ever Existent] to experience itself.
The nature of the Ever Existent is infinite; hence, an infinite number of beings are desirous of experiencing, infinite experiences.
None is separate from the Ever Existent; it is only the experience one seeks which creates an illusion of separateness.
One becomes what one experiences.
Desirous in experiencing ones inner most desires one forgets ones true nature.
Enlightenment is removing the illusion of the experiences and going back to the true nature of the self.

Thus, Meditation for enlightenment is really contemplating on ones true nature. Aham Brahmashmi or I am the Ever Existent is the contemplation. This Mantra can be compared to the straight road; without any diversions, which leads to the destination.

When one contemplates from the bottom of one’s heart on ones true nature, one does not need any aids or symbols to reach the destination. Those who do not know how to pronounce Sanskrit can simply contemplate on – I am the Ever Existent or I am the Infinite.

Aham Brahmashmi Mantra Chant for Salvation
Mantra for Enlightment

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  1. sir what about I am atma brahman what is the benefit

  2. Neel sir..i just read this article.sir in fact for the last 4 years i have been doing soh ham together with breath and now a days it has slightly become a part of me.sir what is the difference between soh ham and aham brahmashmi or are these just 2 same ways to feel nature or god within ourselves.or aham brahmashmi should be a further natural progression after soh ham. sir not many people have gurus or know of someone who knows answers and it is only good people like yourself that we can rely on to get some real and unbiased answers or guidance.thank you sir


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