Truth behind the Wall Street Protests

Those who thought that the Wall Street Protests were a flash in the pan are sadly mistaken. These protests and more like them, on stock exchanges all over the world are here not only to stay; but intensify.

What is the truth behind the Wall Street Protests? The answer is not as complicated as one might imagine. The Wall Street Protests are the manifestation of the common mans anger against the New World Order; those whom I have said before; the ones who eat the cream and leave the plate for the others to lick.

Why Wall Street and other stock exchanges. Because they are seen as symbols of greed of the Illuminati.Where Trillions of Dollars of the public funds are siphoned of through deft trickery and manipulation. Where bailout packages involving public money are now becoming the rule of the day, These stock exchanges have become a sight for eyes for the suffering person.

Just recently I had interpreted the prophecy of Nostradamus regarding the Indian stock market wiped out. Such a very probable scenario could cause a lot of grief, as a lot of the artificial wealth being created could get wiped out. This artificial wealth leads to inflation and price rise as a result of which the common man suffers. The scene is not different in most parts of the world.

The Wall Street Protest is likely to be one of the triggers of the Global Revolution spoken by Nostradamus in the Preface to his Centuries. Such protests are spontaneous in nature as most sufferers find common ground and join in. Some of the protesters will themselves become the leaders and the protests will start becoming more organized. The question is what the US government will do when they go out of hand.

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