Why Indian Government is delaying releasing HSBC names

The entire attitude of the Indian Government, in the case involving the Indian citizens holding bank accounts in HSBC, Geneva, is mystifying and suspicious to say the least. The list given by France some time back is said to consist of 700 Indians, including 3 MP’s.

The answer might not be as complicated as one might imagine it to be. The two main points for consideration for the Government or more specifically those who control it are definitely.

1] Do any of the names mentioned in the French list lead back to them [their controllers].

2] If yes then there should be a cover up. All traces must be wiped out, all evidence destroyed.

Now the delay in releasing the names, in spite of all round criticism and condemnation ,definitely leads one to believe that there is a connection.

If so the cover up operation is going to take some time, it might be underway in full swing.

The reasons for the delay are the same as were highlighted by me of what happens if Wikileaks discloses the names of Banks. The crap about secrecy Laws is doing the rounds for some time now.

The government knows that ECONOMIC CONDITION for most Indians is rapidly deteriorating ;subject to one price rise after the other. It knows that it has to disclose the names one of these days. Now it might also be preparing an alibi if thing turn wrong. The disclosure of scam after scam has made its skin thicker than that of a Rhino.

There are also said to be other lists handed over by other countries, the likely hood of a cover-up operation regarding those lists being under way is also very high. Another point which the Government of India must be contemplating on is if the French list is released then it sets a precedent regarding the fate of all other lists.

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