Sharad Pawar slap insult of all Politicians

In olden times in India, the law gave the right to a person to slap on the face, his debtor for declaring insolvency and inability to pay his dues. The slap would be in court and in full public view.

A slap on the face was then and is still in most parts of the world considered to be an ultimate insult.

The talking point of the moment is the stinging slap, the sound heard on TV, given by a youth Harvinder Singh to the Indian Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar. Harvinder Singh was protesting against the unprecedented Corruption in India ,as well as the continuous price hikes.

The slap can be viewed as a symbolic insult of the highest order by the desperate and frustrated citizens of India on the ruling looters. That Pawar was at the receiving end does not matter; this is to be taken as a warning by the entire tribe of looters.

With the desperation of the common man to survive, the sight of the Politician and his dynasty in all their glory has become unbearable. With a spate of attacks on Politicians in the near past, I have feeling that the intensity is only going to increase.

One look at the face and utterances of Harvinder Singh, tells you about his determination and intent. This was not a publicity stunt as most of the media made it out to be, they of course have their limitations.

The writing of the wall appears obvious, the felons [Politicians] won’t reform and the slap will be replaced by a gun.

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  1. So do you think all politicians are culprits?
    Sweeping generalization is a mistake friend...


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