Benefits of Magnetic Water

Magnetic water therapy is practiced by a lot of naturopaths; particularly in India to treat certain diseases and body conditions. This therapy makes the use of powerful magnates.

Either glass or plastic bottles, filled with water are kept on the north and south poles so a powerful magnet. This water is left overnight to create magnetic water.Naotropaths are known to call this water as “magic water” as this water according to them has a miraculous effect while treating a lot of diseases and medical conditions.

The water kept on both the poles is either mixed together or drunk separately, 1 to 3 glasses daily.

Some common uses of magnetic water are given below.

Drinking this water is said to dissolve small Kidney Stones and proves beneficial in treatment of Urinary diseases.

Problems regarding Menstrual Cycle in women are minimized.

Insomnia is eradicated and one is said to get sound sleep.

Ailments like Coughs and Colds and ordinary fever are reduced.

The magnetic water kept on the south pole of the magnet is used for the treatment of Obesity.

Drinking magnetic water is said to prevent Cholesterol accumulation in the blood and the functioning of the Heart is energized.

Increases memory power in children and increases immunity against diseases.

Beneficial in Reproductive and Sexual Health for men as drinking magnetic water is said to increase Sperm count and vitality.

Purifies the blood and skin related illnesses are minimized.

Improves digestion, removes acidity, constipation and ensures regular stools.

Note – Article written for information and educational purposes and not to advocate this treatment.

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