Can Ghosts Walk Through Walls?

Don’t Try This At Home, Kids
Walls and doors tend to be fairly solid structures, as you will know if you have ever walked into one or been locked out of your home.  So why is it that in practically every ghost movie we see, spirits wander freely from room to room without so much as a backward glance in the direction of a doorway?  The general message that these Hollywood movies are trying to convey is that ghosts are made up of a certain type of ethereal ectoplasm that furnishes them with unnatural abilities.  Either that or they have had extensive locksmith training, provided by the C.I.A or an organization even more covert.

For Every Action A Reaction
Science has never been truly able to disprove the existence of an afterlife or the claimed occurrence of the dead taking on spectral forms.  One thing science does claim to do, however, is disprove the overused but never tired cliché that said forms can traverse solid matter.  A physics professor and a graduate student at the University Central Florida, Costas Efthimiou and Sohang Gandhi, have made somewhat creative use of Sir Issac Newton’s Laws of Motion.  To cut a long and somewhat jargonized story short, Newton’s theory rationally explains that for every force; for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

What It All Means
Let’s put that into context: for a ghost to be able to walk as their former corporeal beings had, a force would need to be exerted upon the floor’s surface in order to move the ghost forward.  That force would then cause an “equal but opposite reaction”.  The upshot of such rational science is that if ghosts do pass through solid objects, it would mean they were made up of energy and not matter as the two react very differently.

So what?
Maybe ghosts made up of energy and not matter.Newton and his avid followers say no.; If Newton’s theory is to be applied to the paranormal, it would mean that in order for a ghost to walk, it would have to be subject to an external force – which would in turn create an opposite, but equal, reaction.  If a ‘body at rest’ is not subject to such an external force, it remains blissfully un-ghost-like and at rest.

Science Can Be A Grinch!
I have felt cheated by science my entire life.  Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, illusion artists, fairies at the bottom of the garden, UFOs, varying deities – it’s difficult to fault a rational argument or explanation when you’re cynical to begin with.  Science for me is not so much the ‘Grinch who stole Christmas’ but the ‘Grinch who stole innocence and all the magic’ that goes with that.

But we cynics are forgetting one small point: “paranormal” by its very definition is outside scientific explanation; it is that which goes beyond conventionally reasoned and fact-based thought.  Given that reality, how can such a scientific theory possibly be applied to something so extranormal?

Make Your Own Mind Up
I might be a cynic but I am filled with hope for the world, our existence and all the possibilities therein (and thereafter).  I am like many of us in that if you don’t show me hard facts that something can or cannot be, I reserve all judgment - remaining undecided either way.  Science has so many other fantastic uses in research and development that I feel trying desperately to reduce us all to naysayers and cynics, in an already cold and bitter world, is the least productive use of its time.  Believe what you will - and celebrate it.

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  2. Ghosts are not made of matter or energy, but of spirit, which science has no way to determine what it is. My theory is it's the particle form of time, because sentience is linked to serial experiencing of time. But visible apparitions clearly involve energy, light. * Ghosts don't literally walk, for the physics reasons the article gives. They glide along. Indeed some visible apparitions do give a gliding appearance. But some others give a walking appearance, part of carrying the same demeanour as they had in life. But they are only projecting an apparitional image of the walking motions, really they are gliding or horizontally floating along.
    * The temperature drop fits very well with physics, it's a good piece of evidence of where ghosts get the light energy of a visible apparition from. It evidences conversion if radiant heat into light: a very simple conversion by changing its wavelength, because we know from physics that radiant heat and light are the same thing at different wavelengths.


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